Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Is that 65% off, or is Marc just happy to see me?

Ah Wednesday the 8th June. I was expecting a rather non-eventful, usual sort of run-of-the-mill day. Instead, after a lengthy sleep in (it was way too cold to get out of bed this morning - and the week doesn't look to be getting much better), I obligingly opened my emails to trawl through the mess that is my inbox.

To my surprise, in amongst the loaded crap that is group buying deals and pointless brands' emails that I probably signed up for to enter some sort of competition, I found an absolute gem from Missy Confidential.  And that big fat flaming blue sapphire was THE OUTNET HAS MARC JACOBS AT UP TO 65% OFF!!

And I am not talking about the diffusion Marc by Marc Jacobs line (which I do also highly covet as does my credit card), but the real deal, genuine, hot stuff, usually beyond-my-budget Marc Jacobs. Yes, it's true. And automatically my eye was drawn to this Sequinned floral-print linen-blend jacket. Having purchased a super cute, structured bell skirt in a deep green brocade from Cue yesterday, this jacket would be the perfect complement to the classed-up clash outfit I am planning, a la Blair Waldorf.

So where would I rather be on this chilly Wednesday? Anywhere - as long as I had access to wireless and could continue to keep shopping up a Marc Jacobs up to 65% off storm. Which is exactly where I am right now - winner.

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