Monday, 22 August 2011

Padding it out

Hello*, yes I know I am looking super stylish with my gorgeous quilted Marc Jacobs bag. Yes, it is rather divine, what with its Chanel-esque quilting feature accompanied by the darling chain strap.

What is that you say? Oh yes, it is rather practical, with enough room to hold all of my essentials. And of course, very versatile. I can wear it with my favourite workplace attire or even pared back with my weekend jeans and trench coat ensemble.

Oh but you haven't seen the most fascinating feature yet!

Marc Jacobs Quilted Leather iPad Bag,

Why, the bag is in fact perfectly designed to encase my iPad. So not only am I super stylish, I am super technological and connected too. 

*This is my side of the conversation that I imagine I would be having with lots of people if I actually owned today's Eye Candy. Or an iPad.