Thursday, 30 June 2011

High Street Hooray!

As highlighted in my Stop Publish! special edition post on Monday, major High Street fashion player Topshop is hitting Australian shores (and not just via online deliveries). Scrolling through their High Summer Lookbook online, I can't help but get excited.

Urban Traveller, High Summer Lookbook from

'But aren't you an advocate for independent designs and high quality garments produced with superior craftsmanship?' I hear you all shout. Well, yes of course I am. But I am also a strong believer in healthy competition in business, and providing consumers with fair product choice. Plus, the best (and indeed cost-concious!) fashionistas know that the greatest outfits are those that mix High Street with Luxe to produce a kick-ass look. 

Internationally, High Street is a massive sub-category within fashion retail. It does exist in Australia, but not quite to the same extent, nor is it usually referred to as High Street ('Chain Store Chic' is probably the term used the most to describe fashion pieces derived from a High Street-style store). 

With Zara already making an impact, the introduction of Topshop will hopefully be the tipping point to bring Australian retailers up to speed with international standards. Currently, if you venture into an Aussie chain store (Decjuba, Bardot, Portmans are but a few examples on the High Street spectrum) you can expect to pay between $90 - $140 for a cute dress. Topshop however, whose quality I would put on par with these Aussie brands, offers dresses such as this Splash Print Wrap dress for £36. That's approximately $AU55 thank you very much. 

Splash Print Wrap by Love,

So while we are witnessing some exciting changes to Australian retail, I have started thinking - how long will it be before we see some of our good ol' chain store favourites making a few revamps? So many of them have been focusing on catching up to online retail, will any miss the boat on re-hauling their core brand offering? I do hope they start taking action soon, because otherwise it will be far too late.

Whatever is in store for these Aussie brands, here's hoping Aussie shopaholics finally get the broad range of High Street we have been waiting so long for, and so decidedly deserve.

Multi-Stripe Zip Back Vest, £30

Rust Cutout Collarless Crop Blazer, £50

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