Monday, 27 June 2011

Yummy Yummy Youma

Don't tell anyone, but I experienced a birthday a couple of weeks ago (I usually like to keep them secret). It was lots of fun, I indulged, and I also managed to score a few free drinks off well-wishers (that is, people wishing me well for my birthday, not people throwing coins in a well making a wish, or people wishing that they had a well).

But perhaps the most exciting thing that happened on my birthday was this - I learnt that Saks Fifth Avenue have a kick-ass loyalty marketing program. So much so, that they can predict my fashion trends and tastes exactly (which is amazing as I can't even predict my own tastes) and tailor any communications to meet my preferences, particularly on important days of the calendar.

I mean why else would I have received this very email on my birthday, featuring the fundamentally divine Youma Suede Ankle Boots from Gucci. With overlapping suede panels (think Herve Leger bandage encapsulated in a shoe), feature fringe detail and the all-powerful hidden platform, this may well be my shoe of Winter '11.

This is the sort of shoe that I would rock with opaques, a silk print dress and blazer for all occasions (work, weekend, party). And I think all other fashion retailers that dabble in e-newsletters should have what Saks is having, because the program* that they have to determine all my loves and desires on special occasions so far has a 100% success rate. 

* I believe the name of the aforementioned program is 'Coincidence'. 

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