Monday, 23 May 2011

Hot Pink - hot!

It's no secret that I love Net-a-porter. And it's no secret that my bank must also love Net-a-porter, for they make plenty of dollars off my credit card fees as I am forever hitting the 'Add to Shopping Bag' button and not the 'Add to Wish List' button. (Meanwhile - has anyone figured out how to automatically press the wish list button rather than the shopping bag button yet? I think it's called Willpower, and I reckon the site has some sort of magic power that means all willpower is diminished when browsing. And I think that magic power is called having an awesome range that's easy to buy and is delivered in pretty packaging that makes you feel special).

Yet - I digress. What I love most about Net-a-porter is that the clever buying team there knows exactly what I love, and manages to find items that incorporate multiple style characteristics that I cherish. Hence the reason for today's Monday Morning Eye Candy - the Lanvin Horsehoe heel patent leather pumps.

Although it is quite obvious why it has made the cut for today's MMEC, I will highlight the points just to be clear on why these are so spectacular:

1. They are hot pink. I love hot pink, but feel the awesomeness of hot pink can only be appreciated in small bursts, such as in accessories, like this killer pair of heels.
2. They have a platform. I love platforms. Platforms allow me to wear heels that are much higher than my poor weak ankles can usually take.
3. They have a metallic inner heel. Small hints or accents of metallic make me happy.
4. They look simple on first glance, but after closer inspection you notice there are a lot more subtle (but amazing) features to this shoe. Like a good murder mystery on SVU,  I love things that are more than what they seem....
5. The inner sole of the shoe features French writing. Again in reference to point 4, any designer that considers the whole of the shoe and adds a cute touch somewhere usually left alone, like the insole, gets big points for me. It's like the opposite of a Louboutin, having a signature style feature on the inner-sole. Plus - it's in French! There's nothing more appealing that something in French. How clever is that!

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