Monday, 20 June 2011

Been around the block, a few times actually

Not much to say on this fine Monday, except I love block colour. And I think the Silvana Colour Block Flap Leather Shoulder Bag from Fendi (courtesy of the lovely Saks Fifth Avenue) says it all.

And if the bag doesn't, then the style name/description certainly does (seriously, I think just 'Silvana' would have been fine. But if not, why stop at that? It should be called the "Silvana Colour Block Flap Leather Shoulder Bag with double the fun silver and gold hardware; earthy-referenced two-toned internal lining with internal slash zip pocket; and feature tan handle complemented by a black cross-shoulder strap which will all in all put a massive dint in your bank balance". That would have been more accurate).

Happy Coo-ing and checking the bank account.

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