Friday, 24 June 2011

The Slow-Down on Slogans

Slogan T-shirts. I feel like every now and then they have a bit of a revival. As if some of the key fashion houses hire a new copywriter who comes up with these really innovative Burgo's catch-phrases. And then everyone is walking down the street with these amazing statements of intent, wearing their heart on their sleeves and their minds on the chest.

Now, I don't mind the occasional revival. I think a clever slogan t-shirt can be very fun indeed. Particularly when you really can't be bothered dressing to the nines, a cute slogan tee complemented by your fave skinny jeans, jersey blazer and flat canvas shoes maketh an effortless, 'can't be bothered' yet chic outfit.

But what I do have an issue with is the slogan tees that are just plain stupid. One's that people buy because they think they are making an out-there statement about their personalities (such as "Don't Cross Me, Bitch" or "Man-Eater" or "Talk to the hand"), when really, the only statement they are making is they have no sense of fashion nor of choosing a wardrobe that presents them in their best light.

And speaking of light, I for one have not seen much of it lately having been stuck in bed with a virus. Which has been great, because I have been able to watch all three seasons of True Blood, which I think is one of the best shows going around. And also bad, because I have spent too much time mulling over bad slogan t-shirts. And then I stumbled across these beauties from Creep Street, which ordinarily, wouldn't be my thing. But, having spent my whole week watching highly sexually charged vampires, these slogan tees are the perfect thing to wear when Season 4 of True Blood starts.

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