About MMEC

Monday Morning Eye Candy initially started when a group of friends discovered they all suffered a terrible case of Monday-itis each and every week when they went back to work. In an effort to alleviate the symptoms of Monday-itis, each of the friends would take turns to email the others with a picture of a good looking male, generally shirtless and with a well-defined six-pack, on the Sunday evening to ensure they would be greeted with some Eye-Candy first thing Monday morning. And thus their Monday Morning Eye Candy would set them off in good stead for the rest of the week. 

One of these friends - Lil Elk - loved the exercise so much, she felt it was necessary to continue the concept for every day of the week, particularly because she found herself suffering from '-itis'  in some form or another every weekday. Thus, Monday Morning Eye Candy (the blog) was born. 

Rather than focusing on good-looking men (which doesn't mean they won't be featured), Lil Elk features a range of interesting snippets from all walks of life. Fashion? Definitely. Travel? Of Course. Music? You Bet. Justin Beiber? Perhaps once or twice. 

Each day has a unique theme - so make sure you visit regularly to get cured from your daily '-itis'.

Daily Themed Posts
Monday Morning Eye Candy - The hottest, best looking bits and pieces to give you a lift on those dreary mornings when you are faced with a whole 5 more days until the weekend.

Tuesday Trend to Try - The wackiest, out-there or perhaps just generally 'popular' trends to give a go for fun, bravery or even just to say "yeah, I've tried that".

Where would you rather be Wednesday? - Tried and true destinations that will always bring a smile and a sense of serenity. Or jealously, which is more likely considering you probably aren't there.

Thursday Thought Starter - A bit of philosophy injected into your week. Think Rebecca Black's popular musings "Tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday comes afterwards". Watch out Plato.

Laissez-Faire Friday - Those things that just shouldn't happen or be attempted. Ever. Or generally things that are just annoying and should be left alone.