Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Bourke Street No Brainer

Today's post is rather a sombre one. For I am at home feeling sorry for myself (and I am sure a lot of Melbourne ladies are sharing my sentiments), having not camped out for eight hours in the cold to be first to walk through the marvellous glass doors that are the gateway to fashion heaven. (Well, possibly fashion hell if you are an outdated Australian fashion retail business still charging exorbitant prices for pieces that are two seasons behind the rest of the world. But fashion heaven for us mere mortals that prefer good quality, fashion-forward pieces for reasonable prices.)

Yes, I did not go to the Zara Melbourne store opening as I had promised myself. As revealed by Fashion Exposed last week, Zara was highlighting a number of key trends in their initial Melbourne collection, and I was all too excited about block colour. Particularly as I feel the block colour trend is the easiest for Melbournites to pick up. Simply purchase a colour jacket/bag/scarf/skirt, add it to your traditional black/grey ensemble et voila - you've walked straight off the catwalk.

For this reason, my heart has been set on the pink blazer (who would have thought?). My only consolation in not being there today to snap up this delight - at least my outfits won't be the same as hundreds of other women who ventured in today (only a small consolation!).

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