Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A Royal fly on the royal (tropical) wall

Maybe it's because the royal wedding has sparked a new found obsession with the Royal family (really, if you dig around there are so many scandalous tales plaguing the Mountbatten-Windsors, which I love!! Also, someone told me the other day that some younger uni students she was talking to didn't know Queen Lizzie had a husband. I say shame on them).

Or maybe it's because it's about 10 degrees outside and I am lamenting the cold weather considering it isn't winter yet.

Or maybe it's because I am extremely competitive and always like to do/buy/eat something that makes other people envious and makes me feel special because I was the one that got to do/buy/eat it.

Well, for any (or all) of the above reasons, today I would rather be in Seychelles, at the $6,000 a night private hideaway that Kate and Wills have reportedly chosen as their honeymoon destination. Imagine how fun that would be - listening in closely and finding out exactly what they thought of Princess Bea's wedding headwear (poor poppet).

Thanks The Age

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