Friday, 20 May 2011

Leggings as Pants

This has long be an issue that I have protested and advocated against time and time again and will continue to do so until it stops – leggings, tights, longjohns, thermals, whatever you want to call them, DON’T WEAR THEM AS PANTS!!!!

Unless, of course, you are going to the gym and intend to work out in them (in which case they would then be gym pants), otherwise there is no excuse as to why they would be worn as pants.

There are a number of good reasons why the aforementioned fashion infringement should not happen, however I will only mention the most important: IT. LOOKS. BAD.

I have seen super skinny supermodel-ish thin girls wear these, and they still emphasise the lower body region beyond their actual proportions. Realistically, they are not flattering. On anyone.

And too often I have seen poor little things trying out this ‘look’, not realising that the leg adornments they are wearing are see-through, and everyone walking within their parametres is copping a nasty eyeful of underwear (and of course it’s always the day the unaware one is wearing her 15 year old Tweetie undies).

Come on peoples, you would be embarrassed if your skirts was caught in your tights and you were showing off your knickers to the whole world, so why do it voluntarily?

So, a few rules to follow the next time you consider showing off your tights-covered pins:

1. Don’t wear them as pants - what you wear on top has to fall at least to mid-thigh. 
2. Don’t wear them as pants, unless you are going to the gym. 
3. Finally, just don’t wear them as pants. 

Got it? Good.

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