Monday, 18 July 2011

What a Croc!

I realised on the weekend that I rely quite heavily on a studded, black leather, mid-sized clutch with a tassel zip closure to complete my weekend evening wear. Very heavily. So I was on the hunt for one or two (or 15) new evening bags to satisfy my needs when I stumbled across the darling Huxley Clutch by Anya Hindmarch.
Apart from the divine croc embossed leather, the tassel zip closure (which clearly I love), and the gorgeous hardware that is actually rather soft and sweet because it is formed in a delightful bow (so should really be called 'soft and sweet ware' in this instance), there is one major reason why I love this Huxley so.

And that is, it has more than enough room to fit my night-on-the-town essentials, including my iPhone wrapped in its deliciously polka-dotted Kate Spade silicon case, Commes Des Garcons party purse, lipstick, bronzer, tissues, keys, glasses and any other items that may be necessary for the said evenings in question. And it can do this all while looking totally smokin'. 

And on top of all of this, the detachable strap is quite a treat too - ordinarily, the straps I don't like (a clutch is called a clutch for good reason after all). But I feel this chain strap would work in my favour, saving the heavy load from my wrist and redistributing the weight to my more appropriate-for-the-role shoulder. Now if only I could scrape together the coinage to bring it into my arms. 

Oh Huxley, what a croc indeed.

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