Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I have been helping out a loved one shop for her wedding dress, and when trying on an intricate crochet-laced, trumpet-skirted gown the other day, the lovely bride-to-be asked if she looked like a Doily. While the other maids-to-be affirmed her question with certain reluctance, I on the other hand affirmed the statement with glee and enthusiasm, and perhaps a tad too much nodding. 

White Cotton Doily, 6 pieces for AU$4.36, Etsy.com

With looks of perplexity mixed in with concern (I was holding my neck in pain), I was forced to respond to my fellow maids and explain why my enthusiasm was so vast and my nodding so vigorous. "Why," I said, "the Doily is making a comeback, and anyone who looks like one on their wedding day will be an extremely fashionable bride and should relish the opportunity." Apart from my insistence and the wedding dress right in front of us, I didn't have solid proof of the trend and suffice to say, they didn't believe me so bride-to-be didn't get the dress.


But just look at the scrumptious Lady Hester Lace Dress from Lucette. It's the sort of doily-inspired piece that makes you want to go out for High Tea in your best hat, enjoy fluffy scones with jam and cream and follow it up with a naughty Espresso Martini before writing your phone number on the napkin for the cute waiter in the waistcoat.

Lady Hester Dress, $329, Lucette.com.au

So I say to you, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, go forth and raid your grandmother's cupboards (or even your own glory box, she may have been kind enough to put one in there) to get into some Doily action and try this Tuesday's trend. 

And if you really do need some more inspiration for going Doily-Chic, check out Fuck Yeah, Doilies. There is some pretty sweet Doily goings-on in there (that's a whole blog dedicated to Doilies - see, I told you they were the next big thing).

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