Thursday, 21 July 2011

B.C.B.G. = L.O.V.E.

I have two very thought-provoking questions this Thursday, which I just know will be the cause of infinite debate and perhaps an official enquiry. So here goes -  is it possible to love (and I mean truly love) a label? And if not, is it possible to love (and I mean truly love) every piece from a label's collection?

Personally, I blame Bloomingdale's for causing this philosophical saga. For it was when I was virtually browsing their aisles when I came across their current BCBGMAXAZRIA range and found that not I only would I wear every single one of their pieces, but I actually loved (and I mean truly loved) all of them. But not only that - the other major quality that won me over was the fact that many of their pieces were very, very affordable (in love speak that translate to that they were very, very available).

Briana Mushroom Pleated Dress, $378,

Dell Zipper Shirring Print Dress, $171.50,
I was lucky enough to pick up a BCBGMAXAZRIA drape dress in Singapore late last year (similar to the Aina Petal Short Sleeve Stripe Dress), and the fabric, trim and cut are just amazing. It is the sort of dress I wear when I want to fish for a compliment, because almost every time I wear it I get a positive comment. 

So I think my past experiences of being able to work it when I wear it, combined with the amazing style direction and the unexpectedly lovely price points proves that it is possible to love (and I mean truly love) a label and its entire collection, particularly if that label is BCBGMAXAZRIA

Or perhaps I am just in the early 'honeymoon' stage where I am confusing love for lust (and I mean truly lust)?

Braided Chain and Stone Necklace, US$88,

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