Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Trackpants as Fashion

Ok, this trend has been around for awhile, but I haven’t actually taken it from ‘lounge around please nobody come to the door’ town across the border to ‘fashion statement city’.  

So today, I will be putting on bravest face, and my comfiest pants, and giving the ‘Trackpants as Fashion’ trend a whirl. My pick to take me into oh so hot and oh so comfy land is the Bonds Trackpants. At only $49, they’re a steal, and the perfect antidote to the miserable feeling you get at the start of the week knowing it’s a full three more days until the weekend.

And the best thing about the whole scenario? Once Ms Roitfeld calls timeout on the look, they can always take the express train out of fashion-land and pleasantly retire back to ‘lounge around please nobody come to the door’ town. 

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