Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Daydreamin’ in Si Phan Don, Laos

So, cold weather makes me think of hot weather – and how I would much rather be in a warm climate. For some reason, daydreaming in hot weather is ten-fold more enjoyable than trying to summon up your fantasies in blizzard-like temperatures (true fact – visit the Daydreaming Association of Australia’s web page for their fact sheet*).

Which is why today, although staring out the window what I can literally see is rain like daggers and clouds as dark my black leather jacket (which is very dark**). But what my mind sees is the Mekong rushing past, surrounded by lush palms and random chickens and ox-like creatures wandering around (they may just be cows, but hey its my daydream so they will be ox). And of course, I am watching this all from my hammock on the veranda of a thatched-roof hut in my SS11 Zimmermann bikini and Tigerlily kaftan. (Just because it was not hot at all this summer and there was no opportunity to wear any such attire in Melbourne, doesn’t mean I can’t wear them in my daydream***.)

And in my stated circumstance of bliss, because I would actually be in the beautiful region of Laos known as Si Phan Don, (specifically the uber-chill island of Don Det) I could clear my daydreaming schedule for much more important matters to daydream about – such as how cool that zombie kid is who likes turtles, and wondering what he was up to these days, and whether the pitfalls of instant fame had befallen upon him, and did he still like turtles****?

Oh Si Phan Don – if only you were my present location for daydreaming!

*This isn’t a true fact, and I just made up the Daydreaming Association of Australia, if it does exist it is purely co-incidental.

**I didn't make this up, my leather jacket is very dark.

***So I don’t actually own a Zimmermann bikini nor a Tigerlilly kaftan, but had the summer weather been better in Melbourne this year I might have. 

****Seriously, I wonder if he does still like turtles?

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