Monday, 12 September 2011

Love In Motion

That Jacqui Demkiw is one clever little lady.  Not only does she consistently produce collections that are swoon-worthy, amazing quality and all-round super hot via her sensational Melbourne-based label White Suede; she has also managed to ensure that face of MSFW* and former alumni of ANTM*, Sophie Van Den Akker, was captured in a brilliant photo opp*, looking totally smokin' in the 'In Motion' dress from her Spring Summer 11 Collection. (The scenery ain't half bad in this pic either!)

Thanks, Herald Sun

Now, credit where credit is due, her PR agency may have had a hand in getting this dress out there in the media, making sure it is the hottest thing to grace the pages of Melbourne's daily tabloids during last week's coverage of MSFW. BUT - if it wasn't for Ms Demkiw's brilliance and mastery in designing such a so on-trend digital graphic print dress, then it would have been slim pickings for media coverage. 

As a former PR myself, I can tell you, no amount of asking/pushing/bribery will get you media coverage. If the product is good, then every Marie, Madison and Cleo will want it in their fashion bible. And this dress is golden, hence it being the hero of MSFW. 

White Suede In Motion Dress, $360,
in motion on the MSFW catwalk

I have my eye on this stunner for a beach cocktail wedding in March (along with a Red Valentino print dress as well as a pop-bright Alice McCall peplum - but that's a different story), and I reckon at only $360, its CPW* is amazing value - not to mention how high it rates on the CPS Index*.

*Glossary of Terms 
(for those of you who aren't into the whole fashion speak, or as the fashionistas like to term it, are still living in last month). 

MSFW - Melbourne Spring Fashion Week, operational in September. Not to be confused with LMFF (L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival) which graces Melbourne's streets in March. 

ANTM - Can either be America's or Australia's Next Top Model (in this case we are talking home grown Aus). A super awesome show filled with sometimes amazing, always bitchy model hopefuls and judges.

Photo Opp - Photo Opportunity, ie it gives photographers an opportunity to photograph something. 

CPW - Cost Per Wear. A useful indicator of whether an item of clothing is good value, determined by the price of the garment divided by the number of times worn. For example, if I wear the In Motion dress five times, its CPW is $72 and much better value than a pair of Supre jeggings that cost $80, which I would wear once (only as a joke or to demonstrate why no-one should ever wear them).

CPS - Compliments Per Sighting

CPS Index - Compliments per Sighting Index. A subjective system structuring fashion items based on the number of compliments they elicit across media, social media and most importantly when you are wearing it. An item of clothing that sits high on the index receives lots of compliments, and increases its value and motivation to purchase exponentially. A monetary figure cannot be attributed to the CPS, hence the reason for the index. A high perceived or expected CPS may override a low CPW, particularly just before purchase.

(All the above terms are commonly used, except CPS - I just made that up now. But it does exist, it just didn't have a name before. Now it does). 

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