Monday, 19 December 2011

Make like a Magpie

Hellooo! So it has been a while between drinks, but yours truly is back into the swing of things. And what better way to come back and chat about all things amazing and stylish than to discuss perhaps one of the most outlandish, most self-promoting, most FABULOUS trends that is currently presenting itself - yes I am talking of the wonderful trend that is Metallics. Give me gold, bronze, and especially silver in any sort of tactile (glitter, sequins, animal print) and I am as happy as a magpie with a pair of silver glitter boots in its nest (Edit: my penchant for shiny, sparkly things is perhaps where my similarities to a magpie ends. Sorry if I misled you.)

So you can imagine my welcome surprise when I spotted these delicacies - yes that's right, the undeniably unsurpassable shoe of this era is available in Metallic Gold.

YSL Tribute High Heel Sandal in Gold Metallic Leather,
So that feeling that you are experiencing right now? That is a sense of completion, as in your life can now be complete that you have come across these wonderful works of art that can sit on your feet all day long and provide an endless source of pleasure. Imagine - a stressful day at the office, where your ignorant boss is giving you a hard time for their lack of competence - and you simply look down to your feet et voila! All worries, stresses and ill-feelings have instantly vanished! A Tribute can do that to you, as can a metallic, and when you combine the two. Well, there's no telling how much joy this will give.

It truly is amazing what a pair of shoes can do - and these one's top the list. But just wait until you see them in Gunmetal....

Happy Salivating!

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